Vice Presidential Debate: Mike Pence V/S Time Kaine

The Republican National Committee accidentally published a story to its website before the VP debate begins, declaring themselves winners. The debate, which was moderated by Elaine Quijano of CBS News, took place at Longwood University in Farmville

The Vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, which aired on Tuesday night, the two sides lunched into blistering attacks on their opponents’ running mates. Kaine aggressively challenged Indiana Gov. Mike Pence over a long list of Donald Trump’s controversial positions and statements.

Both vice presidential candidates are tasked with staying on message — but it might be an easier job for Kaine, who largely shares Clinton’s worldview, than for Pence, who has a substantial record of disagreeing with some of Trump’s core proposals.

But Pence left criticism of Trump’s demeaning comments about women, his public doubting of Barack Obama’s citizenship and broader questions about temperament go largely unchallenged.

Tuesday’s contest was the only time Kaine and Pence will face off in this election, while Trump and Clinton tangle in three contests, including on Sunday.


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