Seven Species Of Hawaiian Yellow-Faced Bees On The Endangered Species List For The First Time

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has placed seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees on the endangered species list, which means they’re now the first US bee species to earn federal protection under the Endangered Species Act.

The bees are native to Hawaii, and have been declining for a number of years due to intrusion from non-native plants and animals, as well as habitat destruction due to urban development. Scientists note that these bees are integral to the Hawaiian ecosystem as pollinators, and that they are “critical for maintaining the health of plants and other animals across the islands,” according to conservation and restoration team manager Gregory Koob, of the Fish and Wildlife Service in Honolulu.

The seven species – Hylaeus anthracinus, Hylaeus longicepsHylaeus assimulansHylaeus facilisHylaeus hilarisHylaeus kuakea, and Hylaeus mana – live in many different habitats on the Hawaiian Islands, such as coastlines, wet and dry forests, and shrublands.

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