Samsung halts production of the Galaxy Note 7

After spate of reports of overheating and fires with phones, Samsung Electronics has temporarily halted production of its troubled Galaxy Note 7. The halt in production is said to be in cooperation with safety regulators in the US, China, and Korea, according to Yonhap.

Samsung, in a statement, said the adjustments were being made in order to conduct in-depth inspections and to improve quality control.

Earlier September, the company has announced the global recall of at least 2.5m Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to faulty batteries that caused some of the phones to emit smoke or catch fire.

A Southwest Airline flight was evacuated earlier this week after a replacement model Note 7 smartphone began smoking inside the plane, according to the family who owns the phone.

“I thought the Note 7 matter was coming to an end, but it’s becoming an issue again,” Alpha Asset Management fund manager CJ Heo said.

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