Kitten rescued from the trash, given second chance

James Ryan, Hunterdon County residential service driver started his day as usual. But when James arrived at the transfer station his co-worker asked him for help as he had made a startling discovery hours earlier. Amid the orange peels and cast-off containers in his truck, a skinny black-and-white kitten tumbled out. Small enough to disappear into a driver’s glove, the kitten had scurried behind some shovels…and she was in serious trouble.

James dug through the tools to find the kitten. When he reached to pick her up, the kitten howled a cry of agony that James recalled with sadness. “I never want to hear out of a kitten for the rest of my life. My heart was breaking.” He soon saw the cause for the kitten’s distress: her right rear leg had been hurt in the dumpster.

James is too fond of cats as when he found the kitten howled a cry of agony his heart was breaking. After discovering the reason why the kitten’s is in so much pain, her right rear leg had been hurt in the dumpster, the kitten and her hero made their way to Tabby’s Place – an animal shelter in Ringoes, New Jersey. After treating her with pain medication, the veterinary team gently bathed the kitten. Within hours, the little survivor was on her way to a world-class specialty hospital, where she’d have surgery to remove her mangled leg and begin her road to recovery.

The kitten – fondly dubbed Grace by her rescuer – is presently healing from her life-saving surgery, and is expected to make a full recovery


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