Elon Musk Reveals More Mars Details, Fuel Tank Test

Earlier last month, Elon Musk shared his audacious plan to launch a million people to Mars and beyond, all in hopes of backing up humanity for when some future apocalyptic calamity dooms Earth.

The SpaceX CEO and founder followed up his magnum opus presentation from last month by taking questions in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session Sunday during which he revealed plans to test the Interplanetary Transport System’s (ITS) huge fuel tank at sea.

Musk says for a ship that large, he had to invent a new fuel tank. The SpaceX CEO unveiled a new carbon-fiber tank that can hold the massive amounts of fuel for a Mars trip. During the online discussion, he said SpaceX will soon test one of those fuel tanks on a barge in the ocean

The first trips to Mars will be unpiloted but he hopes to set up a Martian fuel depot ahead of the first humans.

The private space company continues to look into a fueling accident that destroyed a rocket on the launch pad earlier this summer. SpaceX hopes to return to flight before the end of the year.

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