Canada is all set to install new technology at Canadian airports this May

Canada Border Services Agency is going to introduce Facial recognition technology in major airports of Canada. This initiative is the part of a new traveler screening program.

These are the new generation self-services kiosks for travelers who are entering or returning to Canada. New technology will take over currently used limited functionality kiosks.

A statement from CBSA reads

“The new kiosks will improve border security, as well as assist in reducing wait times and congestion at Canada’s busiest airports.”

It is believed that the new kiosks will be installed at Ottawa International Airport this spring and rollout will continue into 2018.

This new technology is similar to USA‘s 1-to-1 Facial Comparison project, which is run by U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It uses facial recognition to compare a traveler’s face with the image stored on their electronic passport.

New Kiosks is built by A Portuguese company i.e. Vision-Box, who is planning to install at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Talking about the functionality of the new kiosks Jean-François Lennon, the company’s vice-president of sales and business development, said.

“In terms of features to the benefit of CBSA, it’s very much about biometrics,”

Vision-Box has been working closely with CBSA on research and development for two years, he says, and expects its kiosks to begin appearing at Pearson in May.

According to Lennon, the specifications for CBSA’s PIK program outline two phases — facial recognition and fingerprint biometrics.

The kiosks can also capture iris data for those travelling under the NEXUS program.

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